Megyn Kelly Compares Her Experience to Stormy Daniels’

Megyn Kelly will do just about anything to keep the spotlight on her, even if it means belittling someone else to do so.

The ink on the Stormy Daniels interview story was not even dry and Megyn Kelly somehow managed to make it about, describing an alleged encounter she had with Trump and his then-Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski, as “threatening.”

The Stormy Daniels Interview

The part of the Daniels interview in question was when Daniels described an alleged event where a man she claims representing Trump threatened her.

According to Daniels, the man approached her at a public parking lot and told her to forget the Trump story.

After that, the man told her she had a beautiful daughter and it would be shame if something happened to her mom.

Megyn Kelly’s ‘Incident’

Prior to the debate, Trump started to hit Kelly on Twitter for being “unfair” when she was covering Trump.

Over the next week or so, Kelly was inundated with tweets from Trump supporters calling her journalistic integrity into question, among other things.

Kelly claims Lewandowski also called the network trying to get her thrown off the debate panel.

Kelly then stated that Lewandowski told her she had a “rough couple of days” and he would “hate to have [Kelly] go through that again.”

She says his tone made it very clear that he was threatening her.

If we take Daniels account at face value, nobody in their right mind would consider these two interactions to be anything similar.

Kelly’s Star is Fading

Kelly is realizing she is turning into yesterday’s news quite quickly.

That being the case, she is doing anything she can to try to make herself relevant again.

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Based on her current ratings, though, she has a lot of work cut out for her.

Considering the fact that she lost out on a nomination to a bogus doctor and a gossip host for best talk show host, her career is on a definite downswing.

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