Megyn Kelly breaks silence to congratulate former Fox News co-worker

Megyn Kelly has been laying very low since she got booted from Today in October of 2018.

That all changed this week when Kelly returned to the spotlight by reaching out to Fox News star Guy Benson to congratulate him on his engagement to his boyfriend.

Gay Pride Month

Pride Month is an interesting event in that the most unlikely of people go out of their way to prove how progressive and accepting they are.

Kelly has been hiding in the shadows since her “blackface” comments on Today got her booted from the show.

She apparently chose Pride Month to test the waters, knowing it would be hard for people to have anything negative to say for fear for of being labeled as a homophobe.

Guy Benson, who actually publically came out to Kelly in an interview in 2015, got engaged to his boyfriend fairly recently. Kelly took the event as an opportunity to test the waters by openly congratulating Benson on the big event.

She stated: “Guy had the challenge of coming out publicly with grace and dignity, and I was honored to be any small part of it.”

Benson and Kelly were both employed at Fox News at the time. Considering the conservative base, this was not exactly an easy thing for the respected conservative political pundit to do.

Weird Timing

While the effort was nice on the part of Kelly, her publicity stunt did not exactly go unnoticed by Benson himself.

After Kelly’s statement hit Twitter, Benson actually corrected the record by stating that he and his boyfriend have been engaged for almost a year already.

He stated: “Thank you for the kind words [Megyn Kelly. J]ust to be clear, we got engaged more than a year ago! Wedding is upcoming & Megyn was replying to a tweet coinciding with Pride Month.”

Just another in a long line of blunders for Kelly.

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