Megyn Kelly attacks Miss America pageant for bikini ban

Megyn Kelly is sending out some mixed signals these days.

During a recent show, while some of her guests were applauding the removal of the bikini wear from the Miss America pageant, Kelly took the opposite side of the debate…


Kelly, as you may recall, was severely critical of Trump during the presidential election.

One of the areas where she really went after Trump was the way he was perceived to have treated women and things he said.

In essence, she was saying she was against the objectification of women.

The Miss America pageant has long been criticized, like most other pageants for that matter, for forcing women to wear bikini bathing suits and prance around on stage.

For years, feminists have been trying to have that aspect of these pageants removed.

They have also wanted the tag “beauty” pageant removed in an effort to turn the perception of these events as a celebration of young, educated women rather than someone merely being celebrated for looking good.

That narrative is something you would expect Kelly to support, not fight against.

Setting Women Back

One of the more interesting exchanges came with a member of a panel Kelly put together.

Zerlina Maxwell stated, “Beauty pageants are antiquated. Women are people. They should be valued for what’s inside their brains, not whether or not they have abs.”

Kelly then chimed in, stating, “Oh, come on!”

When Maxwell asked questioned what woman would want to be known for great abs in their obituary, Kelly stated, “I hope mine does!”

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This is more reminiscent of the Megyn Kelly who had a risqué cover on GQ Magazine than the Kelly that was far more demure during the presidential election.

It just makes it rather apparent that Kelly changes her stripes as needed to get ratings rather than actually taking a stance for what she truly believes in.

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