Megyn Kelly accuses Jill Biden of forcing husband to stay in the race so she can run a 'shadow presidency'

 July 6, 2024

For many years now, many have believed that First Lady Jill Biden has been a key figure in running the show at the White House in place of her cognitively challenged husband, President Joe Biden. 

That seems to be more true than ever, given recent events, especially in the wake of the disastrous presidential debate President Biden suffered through with former President Donald Trump, who cleaned his old clock.

According to the New York Post, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly blasted the first lady as a "power hungry" and criticized her for doing everything she can, to Joe Biden's detriment, to keep him in power so that she can continue running a "shadow presidency."

Kelly held nothing back as she explained her theory to Piers Morgan on his online television show "Piers Morgan Uncensored."

What did she say?

In the wake of his embarrassingly bad debate, Jilly Biden has reportedly been the one key figure to encourage her husband to resist the growing, intense pressure for him to drop out of the 2024 race.

Among many examples of Jill Biden seemingly running the show, Kelly pointed to a June 2021 photo of Jill Biden that was captioned with "prepping for the G7." Kelly thinks Jill Biden was far out of her lane even at that moment.

"She’s not the damn president. Get out of the chair," Kelly said of the photo. “No one wants you at the G7. No one elected you to lead us politically.”

Kelly also slammed the first lady for insisting on being called "doctor" after she received a doctor of education degree (EdD).

"Why does she insist on it? Because she’s power hungry. Because she has a small, fractured ego that she needs built up," Kelly continued. "The only people who get to be called doctor, legitimately, I understand, no disparaging of the degree, are medical doctors."

What's next?

Many from within the Democratic Party have called on Biden to step aside -- or be removed via the 25th Amendment -- in a bid to give the party a fighting chance at beating Trump in November.

After the debate performance, Biden lost any shred of ability to inspire voters that he had left, mostly because he was exposed to the nation during the debate as he gaffed, stuttered, and lost his train of thought on more than one occasion.

Some have suggested that VP Kamala Harris might eventually be the head of the 2024 ticket for Democrats, while the White House has insisted that Joe Biden is sticking it out.

Only time will tell what happens, but it's clear that Jill Biden very much wants her husband in power, so that she can remain in power behind the scenes.


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