Meghan McCain slams Bernie Sanders for cancer comments

During the presidential debate, Bernie Sanders tried to lecture Joe Biden on the costs of medical care and bankruptcy due to diseases like cancer.

As Biden was telling Sanders that he knows all about cancer, his buddy Meghan McCain came to the former VP’s defense on Twitter, The Hill reports.

Wrong Subject, Bernie

While it is usually Joe Biden who shocks with his gaffes, Bernie Sanders was the offender this time.

It was not so much the point Sanders was making as it was the example he chose to use to make that point. The moment he mentioned cancer, he gave Biden the advantage.

As Biden has been more than willing to share during this campaign, his son Beau died from brain cancer in 2015. McCain got involved because this is a shared tragedy between the McCain family and the Bidens. Meghan McCain’s father, the late Senator John McCain, died from cancer last year.

Biden even made an appearance on The View with McCain and offered her advice on how to deal with the loss of a close loved one to this horrible disease.

Profiting from Tragedy

While everyone can empathize with Biden over the loss of his son, it is tough to respect someone that who is using a family tragedy to both create wealth and promote himself.

There are two names Joe Biden loves to invoke on the campaign trail: Barack Obama and Beau Biden.

Biden uses Barack because his own record is so weak, he needs to prop himself up as the right hand man to the country’s first African American president.

Beau, however, is a completely different story. Both Joe and his wife became multi-millionaires writing books about their experiences during Beau’s tragic battle and have accumulated a net worth of an estimated $15 million since his son’s death, his time in office, and this election.

Biden also likes to use Beau’s name to garner sympathy and disengage his competitors, just as he did with Bernie during the debate.

It is as though he wants us to vote for him because we feel sorry for him — not exactly the most compelling of reasons to back someone for president.

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