Meghan McCain responds to photoshopped image of her dad’s face on a mass shooter

Joy Reid’s personal blog just landed her in more trouble.

Back in October 2007, Reid reportedly published a photoshopped picture of Senator John McCain on the body of mass shooter Seung-Hui Choo, sparking outrage from McCain’s daughter.

The Blog

Reid, or someone in her camp, removed the post from her blog since the report came out.

However, several people had captured images of the blog post, most notably on BuzzFeed.

This is the same blog where Reid had made homophobic remarks.

She then claimed her site was hacked.

Unfortunately, for Reid, investigators could not back up her claim and she was left holding the bag.

More Heat

Reid is now under ever more fire with this McCain post coming back into the spotlight.

The timing could not be worse for Reid.

As we all know, McCain is more or less on his deathbed, suffering from brain cancer.

With the recent rash of school shootings, the photoshopped image of the VA Tech shooter becomes even more callous.

The post itself was done in response to McCain visiting a local manufacturing plant.

It happened in the midst of the campaign against Obama.

During the appearance, McCain told the factory workers he would “follow Osama Bin Laden to the gates of hell and I will shoot him with your products.”


Meghan McCain wants MSNBC to take action against Reid and she wants it done ASAP.

With the previous posts that have been uncovered, it will be very interesting to see how the network handles this case.

With conservatives getting ripped for every little thing they say, liberals need to be held to the same standard.

Reid’s apologies only go so far.

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One could make the argument a single instance could be forgiven, but she clearly made these posts in the past thinking with a very clear head.

The woman people see on TV is a charlatan, because Reid’s past has proven she is nothing more than a hypocritical bigot.

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