Meghan McCain honors her dad before what could be his last Father’s Day

With her father’s health in question, Meghan McCain honored him ahead of Father’s Day.

Knowing he may not make it that far, Meghan stated that in addition to being an influential politician, she had no idea how he also managed “to pull off being such a great dad.”

Role Model

Meghan obviously thinks very highly of her father.

Long before Sen. McCain became a recognized political figure, he was a war hero.

He spent years at the Hanoi Hilton as a prisoner of war.

When given the opportunity to be released, he refused to go before the others before him were also released.

He was rewarded with beatings, starvation, and mental abuse.

Through it all, he held his head high and finally gained his freedom.

After his military service, John McCain became both a politician and a father.

“I’ve been trying to figure out how he did it, because I don’t have any regrets or sadness or anything, except a really wonderful, beautiful feeling about our relationship and his role as my father, which I think is hard to pull off in general but especially when you have the kind of career he has had,” Meghan stated.

Always There

For those that have followed John McCain throughout his career, they know how much he cherished his daughter.

It was not uncommon for the senator to bring his daughter Meghan to the office while he was working.

That closeness continued throughout Meghan’s life.

Most recently, Meghan shared some pictures of her and her father spending time together as both his career and life wind up.

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It is no secret many conservatives no longer see McCain as being on the same page as the party and our president.

However, we join Meghan in wishing her father well and hoping he is able to share one more Father’s Day with his daughter before he passes on.

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