Meghan McCain says she knows her dad will be waiting for her ‘on the other side’

It is no secret John McCain’s health in deteriorating, but his daughter seems to have come to grips with it.

In a Monday morning tweet, Meghan McCain tweeted she is no longer afraid of death and knows “he’s [John McCain] going to be waiting for me on the other side.”

Still Battling

Senator McCain has been battling severe health issues for more than a year now.

However, even as he has lain in a hospital, he continues to put up resistance against President Trump.

McCain recently put his memoirs down and was not even sure he would live to see them hit the bookshelves.

According to released excerpts, McCain continues his fight even during his last days.

He doesn’t apologize for the way he feels or his recent actions, as he steadfastly believes he is doing the right thing.

There is also a new film about the last days of McCain.

McCain’s goal is for the people of this country to see him as he truly is and to fight his final fight.

“It’s about pulling the country back together,” Senator McCain stated.


Meghan McCain has seemingly found solace in her faith.

It seems to be how she has grounded herself and come to grips with the fact her father may not be here with us very much longer.

She sees her father as “brave.”

She also sees him as a man that is trying to unite the country rather than cause more divide.

While sometimes at odds with her father politically, she has had no choice but to defend him in recent days.

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A recent off-color joke by a White House intern infuriated her to the point she demanded a public apology for the comment.

While the aide did reach out personally to McCain to apologize, the public apology has yet to happen.

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