Meghan Markle criticized for ‘inappropriate’ dress at queen’s parade

Oh, the horror!

After the newest royal, Meghan Markle, wore an off-the-shoulder dress to the queen’s birthday parade, the press had a field day criticizing her for “inappropriate” wardrobe.

Take a look:

Get Those Noses Out of the Air

It was only a matter of time before the press unleashed on Markle.

You see, Markle is “mixed,” with her father being white and her mother being African-American.

There are those in the media that have hinted that had Prince Harry had a direct line to the throne, the royals would never have even permitted the wedding.

But Markle has shown nothing but class throughout it all, never giving the media anything to truly criticize about her.

That changed when she chose the off-the-shoulder dress for the queen’s birthday parade.

The media not only ripped her wardrobe, but also chastised her for actually talking to someone while the “flypast” happened.

Mind you, everyone on the balcony was chatting it up during the flypast, but Markle is the one they chose to have an issue with.

To say these people are uptight would be quite the understatement.

To the Rescue

While the local media and publications like People magazine shredded Markle, she had more than a few take up her case.

Thousands of her fans started blasting People on Twitter for calling her out over her wardrobe.

Thus far, there has been no official reprimand from the queen herself over the alleged wardrobe gaffe by the new duchess.

The queen may be waiting for some quiet time with the duchess to address her concerns.

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According to reports, the two will have a private outing very soon to Cheshire, England.

One can only hope they will have more important things to discuss rather than an inch of Markle’s shoulders being shown during the daylight hours.

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