Meghan Markle being 'laughed out of Hollywood': Report

 May 5, 2024

Meghan Markle lost quite a bit of whatever support and fanbase she had over the past several years after she essentially split from the Royal Family. 

According to the New York Post, the Duchess of Sussex is now struggling in Hollywood, which used to be her bread-and-butter before she went royal.

A source reportedly told In Touch that part of her problem is that she's "greedy."

The report came in the wake of the news of Markle reportedly "scrambling" after her "forthcoming podcast with Lemonada Media was reportedly pushed back to next year."

What's going on?

The word on the street is that the power players behind the company put the Markle podcast on hold until next year as they didn't want the upcoming launch of her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, to steal the podcast's thunder.

"Meghan gets greedy," an inside source reportedly told In Touch.

"She wants everything all at once, and it’s backfiring on her again. She’s become a total joke and is overplaying her hand," the anonymous source reportedly added.

In addition to her upcoming lifestyle brand launch, Markle is also launching a cooking show on Netflix. The brass at Lemonada also fear that the show would steal attention from the podcast.

"That clearly didn’t go down well with Lemonada," the anonymous source stated. "They surely expected to be Meghan’s priority project, but she must have decided she had bigger fish to fry with Netflix."


According to the source, Markle is desperate to have a hit either through her lifestyle brand or her Netflix show in order to prove she and her husband, Prince Harry, still have Hollywood street cred.

As many others have pointed out, that may prove to be quite difficult for the royal couple, as every project they touch seems to burn to the ground quite quickly.

"Almost everything they’ve tried has ended in disaster," the source told the outlet, adding that Hollywood power players and A-listers are "laughing at her."

"Hollywood is glam and glitz on the outside, but the real stars have worked hard for their success — and you get the impression hard work isn’t really Meghan’s thing," the source said, adding, "Now, after all her failures, those A-listers — and the royals — are laughing at her!"

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