Meghan McCain slams ‘craven’ Kamala Harris for laughing off tough questions

Vice President Kamala Harris has been accused on multiple occasions of resorting to nervous and inappropriate laughter when tackling a topic she would prefer not to address.

Conservative pundit Meghan McCain offered her take on the issue this week, comparing Harris to the Joker, as portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix in the 2019 film.

“Slow down everybody”

According to Fox News, McCain asserted in a social media post that such outbursts of laughter came across as “craven.”

Of course, she was almost immediately inundated with criticism related to her opinion about the vice president’s tendency to cackle at inopportune times.

McCain’s remark came in response to a Republican National Committee tweet that included a video clip showing Harris chuckle in response to questions from reporters during a trip to Asia.

“Hold on, slow down everybody,” Harris said with a laugh before adopting a more serious tone to address the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan.

For her part, McCain was clearly disturbed by the display, writing: “This may be some kind of real issue (like Joaquin [P]hoenix in [The Joker]) but she’s the Vice President and she’s [had] ample time and resources to media train herself out of reacting to every SINGLE crisis situation like she’s walking onto a late night show.”

“Making a lot of Americans nervous”

Phoenix’s character in the film suffered from a mental illness that caused him to laugh uncontrollably and often at inappropriate times prior to becoming a psychopathic villain.

Harris supporters were quick to denounce and even report McCain’s post, including some who defended the outburst of laughter as a normal response to questions being shouted by reporters. For good measure, a number of McCain’s critics accused her of being bigoted, among other things.

Nevertheless, Fox News noted that Harris has responded similarly in the past when pressed on serious subjects. Perhaps the most notable example was when she laughed off a question about why she had been reluctant to visit the U.S.-Mexico border amid an immigration crisis.

Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway addressed the vice president’s character trait in June, declaring: “She does that thing where she laughs nervously when she gets the slightest difficulty or a question or topic and it is making a lot of Americans nervous.”

Indeed, the very serious issues plaguing the United States and the world — including thousands of Americans and allies trapped behind enemy lines in Afghanistan — are far from laughing matters.

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