Medical students can’t stomach pro-life views, take disturbing action

If these medical students ever become doctors, you as their patient would NOT want to disagree with them. About anything. No matter what.

As they have documented their zero tolerance for someone with a differing view.

This situation developed when a pro-life professor at the University of Michigan was chosen to speak during the students’ White Coat Ceremony, a part of their medical training.

With their petition to have Dr. Kristin Collier censored, the students decided to stage a public protest, and several dozen walked out of the ceremony when Collier began speaking.

The Daily Mail reported Collier actually ignored the departure of the small part of the class, those who had demanded her removal because her pro-life views were “inappropriate.”

On social media, one critic of the protesters was blunt; “Any student physician who walked out should be barred from medicine. Why? Because they have put ideology before acceptance of human differences in belief. If you can’t respect a teachers right to their opinions, how can you respect a patient?”

At Fox News, a report said Collier’s speech actually didn’t address abortion, “or any political topic.”

The Washington Examiner reported the events developed on Sunday.

The students’ demands that Collier be removed were rejected by Marschall S. Runge, of the medical school.

Collier’s speech offered advice and encouragement as the students entered their medical careers.