Media Spreading Rumors That Ivanka is Angry with President Trump

Here wo go again…

The mainstream media are going to no end to create problems within the Trump family, and now the media are claiming the President and Ivanka are at odds over Trump’s disapproval of Jared Kushner, her husband.

Ivanka Defends Her Husband

It is no secret about Jared Kushner’s problems, as the media has made sure they are blasted all over the headlines.

If you believe what the media is saying, Ivanka has had enough of her father’s criticism of her husband and is not afraid to tell him about it.

In a recent report from Vanity Fair, Ivanka barged into the Oval Office to tell her father, the President, off.

“I need to talk to you,” Ivanka allegedly stated. “You don’t give Jared the support he needs.”

She continued, “He’s left his business to be a part of this. You have no idea what he’s sacrificing to be here and how hard he’s working for you.”

Of course, the source of this information was cited as a “campaign staffer” rather than an actual named source.

The Bias is Evident

Anyone reading that story on Vanity Fair should be able to tell the author is out to get the Trump’s in any way possible.

After giving the alleged quotes, the author writes, “no one in D.C. seems to know what exactly Jared (or Ivanka, for that matter) do all day.”

Stick to the News

It would be nice, if for once, the mainstream media actually stuck to reporting the news without interjecting its biased commentary.

Rather than report the facts, they insist on this endless stream of attacks against the Trump family.

These attacks serve two purposes:

First, they create an open rift the Trumps have to spend countless energy and time defending as not true.

Secondly, the media is trying to portray the White House as constant chaos rather than a machine that is trying to make America great again.

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We all know the truth, though.

If the Trump’s were battling as the media would have us believe and the White House was as chaotic as they say, there is no way the administration would have been able to accomplish as much as it has in such a short period of time.

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