Hostile media dubs Sarah Sanders as ‘liar-in-chief’

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has endured brutal criticism and misogynistic attacks from a mainstream media establishment which pretends to stand up for women’s rights and gender equality. Progressive reporters (who identify as men) have mocked her southern accent, called her a “butch queen,” and described her as a “chunky soccer mom.” And who can forget her treatment at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner this year, where Sanders was publicly humiliated by a ruthless comic as the audience applauded.

Through all of the schoolyard bullying and revolting banter, Sanders has held her head high, refusing to acquiesce to a press corp which constantly seeks to undermine the Trump administration’s position. For taking a strong stand and systematically dismantling the media’s consistently anti-Trump agenda, Sander’s critics have bequeathed her with a new nickname: Trump’s “liar-in-chief.”

Fake news bruise

The mean-spirited moniker comes courtesy of The Guardian’s Hadley Freeman, who penned a flippant and meandering op-ed defending Sanders’ poor treatment by the press. Freeman, a feminist writer who has written about her struggles with anorexia and misogyny, agreed with comedian Michelle Wolf’s characterization of Sanders as a body double for The Handmaid’s Tale character Aunt Lydia.

“[T]the reaction to Wolf’s monologue proved how right that comparison was,” Freeman wrote.

In an article that was supposed to be about how Sanders has been “blatantly lying to journalists’ faces,” Freeman reserves only an inch or two of column space to making this point. The rest of her condescending hit-piece is spent in surface attacks on the press secretary’s religious background, her “now familiar air-sucking monotone” voice, and — of course — her appearance.

Freeman can’t understand why Wolf absorbed such a backlash for saying of Sanders: “She burns facts, and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye.”

“The words ‘give’, ‘me’, ‘a’, ‘large’ and ‘break’ are possibly throbbing in your brain right now,” Freeman wrote. “Because clearly Wolf hadn’t mocked Sanders’ looks: she had called her out for lying, something Sanders does all the time.”

Even liberal pundits like the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman and MSNBC anchor Mika Brzezinski would disagree with that assessment, because clearly Wolf was talking about Sanders’ signature look.

Pants on fire

After condoning the savage treatment of Sanders — because Trump — Freeman finally gets to the crux of her wordy harangue, accusing the conservative mother of lying when she said “the president in no way, form or fashion has ever encouraged violence.”

Freeman cites a Politifact article which determined that Sanders’ statement about violence was false, but the publication used extremely weak examples to illustrate this contention. For instance, when Trump asked his security to “throw” out a disruptive rally attendant, Politifact accused him of encouraging violence.  When Trump shared a humorous WWE wrestling video depicting the president grappling with an opponent labeled as CNN, the leftist fact-checkers insist that he was going too far in advocating for the use of force.

Without offering evidence to the contrary, Freeman accused Sanders of lying when she said that Trump “believes in a free press and welcomes tough questions.” If that weren’t enough, Freeman roasted the press secretary for saying that Trump wasn’t blaming the media for a series of fake bomb attacks in October, when the president’s remarks concerning the media were aimed at defending Democratic lawmakers targeted in the attacks.

But if Freeman truly has a bone to pick with Sanders, it is in regards to her treatment of CNN political correspondent Jim Acosta. “Trump and Sanders have played a pretty good game for over a year now, but Sanders overplayed her hand when she retweeted that doctored video,” Freeman charged.

This “doctored video,” which has been the subject of hours of liberal micro-analysis, shows a slightly sped-up version of Acosta placing his hands on a White House intern and refusing to surrender his microphone. The difference between this video — which did not originate from the White House — and the live broadcast is hardly perceptible and certainly doesn’t absolve Acosta of his truculent behavior.

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Sanders has endured endless harassment from a hostile press corp who are practically crawling over one another during press briefings and chomping at the bit for their time in the spotlight, firing salvos at the press secretary that are meant to disarm and embarrass, rather than answer any questions meaningful to public discourse. She has been dauntless in the face of this pressure, and yet another liberal attempt to smear her as a “liar-in-chief” won’t erase that.

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