Media reports push rumors of Pence resignation

Every one of their attempts to undermine this administration has failed, so now, the mainstream media is trying a different tactic.

Although there is not a single shred of evidence suggesting such, the media is now attempting to spread spreading a narrative that Vice President Mike Pence is going to resign.

Fake news

One of the mainstream media outlets publishing articles pushing this bogus narrative is The Hill.

The article, written by Douglas MacKinnon — a political and communications consultant — claims sources close to Pence have stated the constant inner turmoil over Pence’s beliefs and the conduct of Trump have taken a toll on the VP.

Allegedly, the steady drip of conflict has worn down Pence to the point he is now considering submitting his resignation.

The alternative spin is that Pence will somehow help the Democrats’ effort to remove Trump from office so Pence can take over as president.

But rest assured, neither of these narratives is actually true.

Still going strong

Contrary to what is being reported, Pence has not wavered one bit in his loyalty at any point. In fact, Breitbart notes, Pence has been hitting the campaign trail, rallying crowds, and getting them behind this president.

Additionally, Pence has spoken considerably about Trump’s impeachment and has blasted it at every opportunity. Point being: the cracks in Pence’s shell the media continue to count as reality are, in fact, fake news.

Nobody will deny that Pence and Trump are an unlikely couple, but they have been very effective as the top two administration officials.

Pence was able to help Trump lock down evangelical support during the election and is well on his way to doing the same during this election cycle.

Unless something truly dramatic happens, Pence is not going anywhere, and the unsubstantiated reports pushed by the mainstream media are only attempting to sow discord in the party.

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