Media piles on Hannity after he refers to ‘the weak, the frail, the cognitively struggling Biden’

As President Joe Biden made his way through a presidential campaign clouded by the COVID-19 pandemic, many critics took shots at the 78-year-old candidate, accusing him of not being quite as mentally sharp as he once was.

In particular, Fox News host Sean Hannity has relentlessly claimed that Biden’s cognitive decline is becoming more apparent by the day. The right-leaning primetime host kicked a hornet’s nest after Biden’s inauguration speech, describing the president as “weak,” “frail,” and “cognitively struggling.” 

That caught the attention of CNN’s Brian Stelter, The View’s Joy Behar, and other social media users who were outraged by Hannity’s remarks, as the Huffington Post noted.

What Did Hannity Say?

“[S]peaking of Joe Biden, tonight is the beginning of his “America Last” agenda right before our eyes. The total reverse of Donald Trump’s vision and achievements. The weak, the frail, the cognitively struggling Biden signing this flurry of executive orders that I mentioned,” Hannity said, before going on to list a number of negative actions expected from the Biden administration.

In response, CNN’s Oliver Darcy felt compelled to join in on attacking Hannity, predicting in a tweet that the next four years would be filled with right-leaning media trashing the new president.

“The right-wing media machine has wasted no time trashing Biden, with propagandists like Hannity raging against him as ‘weak’ and ‘cognitively struggling.’ It all foreshadows what the next four years of coverage from outlets such as Fox will look like,” Darcy tweeted on Thursday.

Of course, the irony of that statement was not lost on supporters of former President Donald Trump, who watched a vast majority of the mainstream media trash Biden’s predecessor from the first day he announced his intentions to run for the presidency.

Hannity’s Not Wrong

Any reasonable and honest person who has watched Biden through his presidential campaign through to his inauguration speech should be able to say, with confidence, that Biden is most certainly not the witty and sharp public speaker that he once was.

Conservative radio host Howie Carr penned a column for the Boston Herald in October in which he pointed out a number of gaffes Biden had already made at that point in time. Little did he know that many more gaffes and flubs would follow, but even at the time of that writing, he said what many were thinking.

“The media have been ignoring and/or covering up Biden’s obvious mental decline for more than a year now, even though the video evidence is at their fingertips,” Carr wrote.

Hannity has taken a beating in the media world for continually pointing out Biden’s weaknesses and even though the Fox News host obviously isn’t a fan of Biden, it’s clear that he wasn’t saying what he said to be mean, rather, he said it because tens of millions of American voters are genuinely concerned that Biden can’t handle the demands of running America.

The worst part is that as Biden continues to age, his cognitive abilities aren’t likely to improve — a reliable biological prediction — which many fear is nothing short of a national security risk.

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