Media Obsessing Over Melania Trump’s Travel Plans Amid Donald Trump Affair Rumors

If you were to listen to the mainstream media, Melania already has her bags packed and is leaving President Trump.

When the First Lady did not make the walk to Marine One with President Trump, the media said Melania was putting out “subtle signs” she has had enough of these affair rumors.

How Things Change

Suddenly, the mainstream media that has shredded Melania Trump at every chance has changed its tune.

“There are no coincidences with Melania Trump,” stated one journalist.

Oh, now she is a cold, calculating woman?

Only months ago, you said she was completely out of touch for wearing heals in Texas.

Or, perhaps we should look up the countless times you said with her broken English, she is not worthy of the role of First Lady.

What Happened to Real Journalism?

There was a time when being a journalist actually meant something.

Journalists prided themselves in their work and did their due diligence before reporting a story.

While they also used unnamed sources, those accounts were double and triple checked with other sources to ensure what they were reporting was actual fact and not just a made up story to get someone the top headline of the day.

Today, the media is no longer a reliable news source.

The only thing that makes publications like the New York Times different from some liberal maniac spouting off on his person blog is the amount of advertising dollars they both have to spend.

We Have Seen This Before

This is not the first time we have seen the media try to explain body language between the President and the First Lady.

Sadly, they always look for the negative.

At one appearance, Trump reached out for Melania’s hand and mistakenly grabbed her coat… so the media said the First Lady did not want the President to touch her.

When the First Lady stumbled while walking by the President’s side, the President pulled her closer to make sure she did not fall, but the press told the story that he grabbed her so she could not move away from him, as she was trying to do (at least in their eyes).

This is what the media does… they translate a stumble into a move of disgust. They translate an innocent gesture between husband and wife as a sign of tension.

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If we look back at how the media described the relationship between Barack and Michelle Vs. Donald and Melania, the bias is quite evident.

Same gestures, different story. That is the mainstream media today and its obsession with creating a rift, or at least the appearance of once, between our President and his wife.

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