Absurd: Media tries to attack Melania Trump over well-kept garden

Despite choosing to maintain the White House kitchen garden that Michelle Obama planted, Melania Trump still can’t do it right, apparently.

A new hit piece from the left-leaning Bustle tried to put a negative spin on Melania Trump’s gardening, writing a disappointed tone that while she “expressed her commitment to its longevity, … [she] has approached the vegetable garden in a more hands-off way than her predecessor.”

OK then.

Michelle’s Crowning Achievement

Michelle Obama received rave reviews when she planted an official White House kitchen garden back in 2009.

Vegetables from the garden were used in the White House kitchen; excess food was even donated to a local soup kitchen.

The garden also served as a platform for Michelle Obama’s official “Let’s Move” campaign, aimed at promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Of course, the media fawned over Michelle’s garden, praising her for inspiring Americans to garden and eat more vegetables.

Melania Carries On

After the Trumps took over the White House in 2017, first lady Melania Trump took on Obama’s garden, even though she certainly had no obligation to do so — the White House is the president’s home, and each first family is free to make changes as they please.

Last fall, Melania hosted a group of schoolchildren in the garden, telling them, “I’m a big believer in healthy eating because it reflects on your mind and your body … I encourage you to continue to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, so you grow up healthy and take care of yourself.”

Impossible To Please

But her efforts will never satisfy the liberal media.

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Bustle disparagingly wrote, “However, while the garden still remains intact and functioning, Melania and the Trump administration seem to have a less direct role in maintaining and promoting it.”

Of course, by now we’re used to seeing this sort of thing from the media.

Michelle Obama could do no wrong — and Melania Trump can do no right. And that’s all you’re going to hear from them.

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