Trump signs $1.8 billion ‘Autism Cares’ bill

The unfair media coverage of the Trump administration was on full display this week.

Every story on most major outlets is about the Democrats’ partisan impeachment, while completely ignoring a major $1.8 billion piece of legislation Trump just signed to help people with autism and their families.

Always Negative

The biased news coverage against Trump is not even up for debate. There have been numerous reports on this during the administration and every single one of them puts the negative coverage at over 90 percent.

The media gets ahold of one story, even if it is not true, and blows it up. If you look at the political page on CNN right now, virtually every story is an attack against Trump or someone from this administration.

If it is not an attack directly on the administration, the network is reporting on something negative someone said about the administration.

Unless it is a negative Trump story, the liberal media simply has no interest.

Good Things Do Happen

President Trump has done plenty of good for this country and this new piece of legislation is a perfect example of that. The new legislation will provide $1.8 billion over the next five years for those suffering from Autism.

The legislation hopes to address the problem of “aging out” for older patients. Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) stated, “The problem of ‘aging out’ of services is a real hurdle every parent or caretaker of a child with autism inevitably faces.

“All children grow up and become adults, and children with autism then lose their education services. But autism is a lifetime neurological disorder, and adults with autism continue to need their services.”

President Trump also announced the signing of the legislation via Twitter…

While the national average for children being diagnosed with this condition is 1:59, New Jersey has a far higher rate of diagnosis, at 1:34.

We would think that being the case, presidential candidate and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker might say a little something about it, but of course, that did not happen — God forbid a Democrat actually take his hat off to something Trump has done, even if it will directly impact his own constituents.

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