Media giant skewered for leaving facts out of report on Bible instruction

 April 3, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

NBC News is being skewered, very politely of course, for its decision to report on the work of LifeWise Academy, but then leaving out critical facts.

Not unlike reporting the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings played football, but leaving out the score.

LifeWise is a nonprofit that provides Bible-based character education to public school students under release-time provisions and with their parent's permission.

Decades back, the U.S. Supreme Court authorized that religious instruction be allowed during the school day as long as the instruction is off-campus, is privately funded, and parents give their permission.

NBC has featured the organization in its reporting, but left out key information, according to LifeWise CEO Joel Penton.

He explained, "I have to say, I’m a little disappointed because we invited them in, lined up people for them to speak to and they left out some of the most critical information. They left out the results … there are real results."

He said, "When LifeWise is implemented in a school, attendance goes up. Schools are struggling with attendance post-COVID and with LifeWise, attendance goes up to the point that there’s a net increase in class time. ... Also, in-school suspensions go down and out-of-school suspensions go down, so there is improved behavior."

Further, he said, polling shows that 71% of voters think teaching character education can help teachers and schools, 76% are in favor of teaching morals to public school students, and 56% support using lessons with biblical values.

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