Poll: Nearly half of voters think media is ‘easier’ on Biden than past presidents

There’s no denying the mainstream media took a decidedly hostile stance toward former President Donald Trump and his administration. That same dogged approach seems to be lacking in the media’s coverage of President Joe Biden and his administration.

In fact, a recent poll revealed that a plurality of voters agree that the media has gone “easier” on Biden compared to media coverage of former presidents, Breitbart reported.

Plurality agree

The national survey, conducted by McLaughlin & Associates between April 8-12, asked 1,000 likely voters, “Comparing the way the news media has treated other presidents, do you think the news media has been harder on Joe Biden, easier on Joe Biden, or has the news media treated him the equally the same as other presidents?”

A plurality of voters, 45%, responded that the media was “easier” on Biden while 35% said media treatment of him was the “same” as his predecessors.

Only 14% believed that the media was “harder” on Biden than toward past presidents.

Partisan split

There was a partisan split in the responses, with 76% of Trump voters, 67% of Republicans, 52% of independents, as well as 19% of Democrats, and 17% of Biden voters agreeing that the media was “easier” on Biden than past presidents.

For those who believed that the media treated Biden the “same” as his predecessors, that included 16% of Trump voters, 20% of Republicans, 34% of independents, 49% of Democrats, and 53% of Biden voters.

As for the perception that the media is actually “harder” on Biden than his predecessors, that was the response from 5% of Trump voters, 9% of Republicans, 7% of independents, 24% of Democrats, and 22% of Biden voters.

Analysis of news coverage proves point

A recent analysis of broadcast news coverage of President Biden over his first 100 days in office by the Media Research Center provides evidence to support the position that the media has gone easier on Biden than other presidents, most notably his most recent predecessor, Trump.

The analysis found that the coverage of Biden by ABC, CBS, and NBC had been 59% positive and 41% negative.

A similar MRC study in 2017 found the broadcast network coverage of President Trump’s first 100 days was 89% negative and just 11% positive.

Just as there was no question the media waged an all-out assault for four years with its coverage of Trump, so too should there be no question that, at least with regard to his immediate predecessor, the media has gone far easier on Biden.

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