Media concocts controversy over role of Mike Pence’s wife in 2020 race

The majority of the media has long held a bias against conservatives, and that bias has been compounded exponentially in the era of President Donald Trump such that virtually all stories published about him — or his allies, like Vice President Mike Pence — are framed in the most nefarious and negative ways possible.

For example, what should have been a normal story about Second Lady Karen Pence increasing her involvement in her husband’s 2020 re-election campaign was instead absurdly framed by Politico as a sort of desperate effort on her part to save the vice president from being axed by Trump.

Cast in the darkest light

Politico reported — according to several anonymous sources, of course — that Karen Pence had largely shied away from the campaign trail in 2016 because she was “appalled” by then-candidate Trump and really only made a few appearances at the side of Trump’s running mate Mike Pence to be supportive of her husband in the final weeks before the election.

However, due to rumors that Trump had considered abandoning her husband and drafting a new running mate for 2020, the second lady has allegedly decided to “step up” and prove herself as a “loyal campaign surrogate” this time around, if only to keep the vice president on the ticket so he would be set up nicely for the married couple’s ultimate goal: a 2024 presidential run.

The supposed “sudden transformation” of Pence to a stalwart Trump-supporting campaigner was described to the media outlet by “eight current and former administration officials and people close to the Pence family,” all of whom remained unnamed.

Karen Pence gets involved

Of course, that wasn’t at all how the second lady’s spokeswoman, Kara Brooks, described things in statements provided to Politico.

“Mrs. Pence is no stranger to campaigning and is looking forward to being on the campaign trail for the 2020 presidential election,” Brooks said. “Her participation in campaign events, such as ‘Women for Trump,’ are opportunities to highlight the great accomplishments of the administration. She also gets a chance to share information about her military spouse awareness campaign and art therapy initiative.”

In other words, Karen Pence is doing the same sort of thing that has been done by virtually every other second lady in the modern era. Still, the liberal media can’t help themselves but report a basic story through the most suspicious and aspersion-filled filter possible.

Nothing to see here

As for the relatively little campaigning Karen Pence did in 2016 compared to now, a Republican source said to be “familiar” with the re-election campaign said:

The 2016 staff didn’t know how to utilize Karen Pence, but now there’s a VP staff that knows her. You look at her experience of being a mother of three, of being a wife of someone who’s been in the public eye for 30 years, and you’ll hear about anything from her that really goes back to family issues and stuff that’s important to women.

That source noted that the second lady would most likely be sent to participate in events in the suburbs of several major cities in important states President Trump is looking to hold or flip, and would likely focus on the administration’s success with judicial nominations, among other issues that are important to the Evangelical base, such as protecting religious liberty and limiting abortions.

All of that would seem fairly straightforward and obvious, yet Politico persisted in dwelling on rumors and supposed scandals, when the reality is so much simpler.

Quite simply, Karen Pence is an asset to the campaign because “she loves her country,” the GOP source said. “But what it really comes down to…is that she loves her husband and wants to help him in any way she can.” Nothing controversial or nefarious about that.

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