The Media is caught openly fabricating a “plagiarism” lie against Melania Trump

After Melania Trump rolled out “Be Best,” the liberal media went for her throat, again.

The program is yet another effort to focus on the well-being of our children, but the media wrongly accused the First Lady of plagiarism. 

More Fake News

During a 2016 speech, Michelle used the phrase, “be better.”

It would appear the media grants Michelle Obama exclusive rights on every phase and every variation of a phrase that ever came out of her mouth.

In addition to the campaign’s name coming under scrutiny, the media is also wrongly accusing her or stealing materials from an Obama-era program.

The booklet in question, called “Talking with Kids About Being Online,” was published by the Federal Trade Commission while Obama was in office.

Nobody is questioning that.

However, if you listen to media reports, Melania is trying to play it off like she created this pamphlet, which is not the case.

The Truth

When Melania announced the program, she specifically stated she would be using this program as a way to help both people and organizations get information meant to help children get the word out.

This meant new as well as existing information on the subject matter.

Her program has now highlighted the work by the FTC and is doing nothing more than helping to distribute an existing pamphlet.

What the Media Should Be Doing

Rather than chastising the First Lady, they should be celebrating that fact she is trying to continue programs already in existence that started under the Obama administration to benefit children.

And, if Michelle had any sense, she would come out in support of the First Lady rather than letting her sit there and take shot after shot from the media when she herself knows they are wrong.

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Why is the media not concentrating on the fact this is good for children rather than attacking this woman?

Simply put, because they are more concerned with creating divide and tearing down the reputation of a good woman than they are of actually reporting the news.

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