Report: Major media outlets buried stories from Epstein accusers

Remember the outrage when the National Enquirer was accused of burying a story that would have been bad for then-candidate Donald Trump?

Well, it was recently revealed by the Epoch Times that two major mainstream outlets, ABC News and Vanity Fair, buried negative stories about Jeffrey Epstein, possibly to protect the Clintons and the Democrat party. 

Vanity Fair Piece

In March 2003, Vanity Fair published a major piece on Jeffrey Epstein called “The Talented Mr. Epstein.”

In the piece, there are but two paragraphs devoted to Epstein’s questionable sexual appetite. Amazingly, the article does not even touch upon the fact Epstein was known for being attracted to underage girls.

The only sentence that remotely approaches the subject is the opening sentence of the first paragraph in that section of the article, which stated, “Epstein is known about town as a man who loves women – lots of them, mostly young.”

There is also only a quick mention about Bill Clinton and a trip the two of them made together as being responsible for the more reckless approach Epstein seemed to be taking lately.

Vanity Fair interviewed Maria Farmer, who at 15, alleged to have been abused by Epstein. The publication never used her story, though, because it said they could not get three sources of verification, which was its threshold at the time for issues with significant legal implications.

ABC Passes

A second outlet had a chance to publish a story told by an Epstein accuser in 2015, but they also passed. ABC had reportedly interviewed Virginia Giuffre in 2015, the same woman who recently filed a lawsuit against Epstein.

Epstein’s attorney at the time, Alan Dershowitz, ran interference for the alleged pedophile by blowing up the phones of ABC executives. He reportedly spoke with an ABC attorney and two producers in an effort to get the story buried.

Dershowitz told NPR in an interview, “I did not want to see [Giuffre’s] credibility enhanced by ABC.”

One can only imagine the pain that could have been prevented had either of these outlets gone forward with their stories, especially Vanity Fair.

Considering that piece ran more than a decade ago, there may very well be dozens of young ladies who could have been spared their horrific experiences at the hands of Jeffery Epstein.

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