‘You can have me or you can have the mandate’: Host issues ultimatum over vaccine requirement

Many private companies across the United States have imposed strict COVID-19 mandates on employees, often with few options for medical and religious exemptions and no regard for natural immunity among those who have already been infected.

Cumulus Media is among those corporations and one of its top radio hosts made his objections known in a recent on-air ultimatum.

“I’m not letting this go”

According to the Washington Examiner, Dan Bongino called on his employer to choose between the mandate and keeping him on the payroll.

Although he is reportedly fully vaccinated, the host nevertheless indicated that his stance on behalf of other employees who do not have the national platform he has, noting that some have either been fired or forced to resign over their refusal to receive a vaccination.

“I want you to know that I’m not letting this go,” Bongino said. “I’m not even considering letting it go. I’m announcing it publicly so you know I’m not letting it go. I’m announcing it to them on their airwaves so they know, you know, I know, we know, and they know that nobody is letting it go.”

He went on to declare that he has “no intentions” of allowing his colleagues to be fired or harassed because of their choices on the matter.

“There is a very real thing called natural immunity,” the host added. “There is an even realer thing called freedom and liberty. This is a constitutional republic. People have the right to make their own medical decisions.”

“You can’t have both”

Although he acknowledged that private companies have the right to impose such mandates, he claimed that this is a “political decision” and not rooted in science.

In a separate clip shared on Twitter, Bongino asked Cumulus executives if they had given any consideration to the parents forced to tell their children why they no longer have a job, adding: “I’m not leaving any of those guys behind. You can have me or you can have the mandate. But you can’t have both.”

Bongino, who is the company’s top-rated host in syndication and took over the coveted timeslot formerly occupied by the late Rush Limbaugh in most markets, reportedly decided to leverage his influential position in response to mounting evidence that on-air personalities and behind-the-scenes staffers alike were losing their jobs because of the mandate.

For its part, Cumulus announced in August that all employees, barring a few limited exceptions, would be required to receive the vaccine by Oct. 11. Insisting that he is a “partner” and not a direct employee, Bongino concluded that the company “is going to have to make a decision with me if they want to continue this partnership or they don’t.”

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