McKinnon: ‘Both Democrats and Republicans are whispering’ about a possible President Harris

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will soon be handed the keys to the White House, marking an end to four glorious years for America under the leadership of President Donald Trump.

According to The Hill contributor Douglas McKinnon, some are already whispering about Biden’s seeming cognitive decline and the potential for Harris taking over as the president before the former vice president’s first term is even over. 

Biden’s decline

McKinnon, a former White House writer for Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, pointed out the very public turbulence between the outgoing Trump administration and the incoming Biden administration, saying that it’s crucial for American national security interests that the incoming admin to be fully aware of America’s threats and challenges on day one.

However, the author also drew attention to another recent gaffe made by Biden. Americans witnessed Biden’s decline even over the past year alone, when a few gaffes morphed into an embarrassingly long list of gaffes over the course of his campaign and beyond.

McKinnon wrote that it’s an obvious situation, yet nobody — especially on Biden’s team — seems to want to talk about the possibility of Biden’s decline as the days, months, and years tick by in the White House.

After all, Democrats and the anti-Trump media spent an extraordinary amount of time, energy, and page space to call into question Trump’s ability to hold office, even suggesting on several occasions that the 25th Amendment be deployed to remove Trump from the White House, based on the unsubstantiated diagnosis of his mental acuity.

McKinnon reminded readers that Biden will be the oldest president elected in American history and also pointed out the obvious fact that as people age, cognitive abilities can rapidly decline. We’ve all seen it happen to a loved one, so it’s more than a valid concern for Biden given his current mental state and where it might be a year from now.

What happens next?

There have been more than a few theories floated about Biden and Harris, with regard to the possibility that Democrats secretly might try to remove Biden from the Oval Office which would then make Harris the president, even from the president himself, according to NBC News.

McKinnon pointed out that 2020 proved that we live in an outrageously unpredictable and dangerous world, citing the need for Americans — party politics aside — to have a leader in the White House who is physically and mentally tough enough to face challenges we probably haven’t even thought of yet.

“For that reason — and others — we need a president who is up to meeting any challenge. Might that mean that we’ll see Harris step into the presidency before the end of Biden’s term? It’s a possibility that both Democrats and Republicans are whispering about,” he wrote.

He went on to say that the Biden transition team had every right to criticize the president and his administration for not making the transition process as smooth and transparent as it should have been, but also demanded that the new administration consider America’s safety and security as we move forward, especially if Biden shows any new signs of cognitive decline.

While Biden is certainly not the leader we want in the White House, it’s probably time to start praying for his health, as the only thing worse than a “President Joe Biden” would be a “President Kamala Harris.”

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