Rose McGowan calls for Bill Clinton’s arrest following Ghislaine Maxwell arrest

British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, the longtime friend and accused enabler of late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested this week and charged with a number of crimes related to sexual abuse and trafficking of minors.

Actress Rose McGowan, an outspoken advocate for victims of sex crimes, took to social media on Friday and suggested that former President Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew, both of whom are known to have associated with Epstein, should be next.

McGowan calls out Clinton and Prince Andrew

In a social media post, McGowan shared an old picture that included Epstein, Maxwell, and disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, who McGowan has accused of raping her in 1997 when she was a young actress.

All three individuals in the picture had a red “X” over their face, indicating that all three have been arrested and charged with sex crimes.

McGowan captioned the photo, “Now get Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.”

Maxwell arrested

According to Fox News, Maxwell was arrested on Thursday by the FBI and NYPD at a secluded home in New Hampshire. She now faces at least six federal charges related to a sex trafficking and abuse conspiracy with Epstein, and perhaps others, that involved recruiting, grooming, and transporting underage girls around the world as sex slaves.

Clinton has long denied any involvement in Epstein’s alleged sexcapades with underage girls. While he has been photographed on Epstein’s private jet — known as the Lolita Express — he has strenuously insisted that he never visited Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean where some of the crimes were alleged to have occurred.

However, both a worker at the island as well as one of the alleged victims have claimed to have seen him there. Neither accused him of any criminal acts.

Alleged affair?

Adding to the rumors, The Sun reported in May that a new book has alleged that Clinton engaged in an affair with Maxwell, which was the reason for Clinton accompanying Epstein on flights overseas in the late billionaire’s private jet.

There obviously remains much more of this story to be uncovered and it will be interesting to see how talkative Maxwell becomes now that she is in federal custody. According to some insiders, she’ll start talking soon.

Perhaps McGowan’s wish will be fulfilled and Maxwell’s arrest will lead to evidence implicating Clinton and Prince Andrew.

We’ll see…

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