McEnany predicts Trump team’s legal challenges will reach Supreme Court within a ‘few weeks’

Despite the media calling the presidential race for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, the actual result of the race has not been officially certified and there are pending legal challenges that may have the potential to change the apparent electoral outcome.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, speaking in her role as an advisor to President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, addressed the pending litigation and suggested that at least some of those challenges will likely reach the Supreme Court within the next few weeks, Just the News reported.

The Supreme Court

During an interview on Tuesday with CBN News’ David Brody, McEnany said the president is in “great spirits” as he monitors the progress of current and future legal challenges regarding irregularities and potential fraud that occurred before, during, and after the Nov. 3 election.

“So we believe these lawsuits — and there’s the Pennsylvania one yesterday, there’ll be forthcoming litigation as well — it will take a few weeks, likely, to get up to the Supreme Court, which is where this will likely head,” McEnany said.

“But we have new information that’ll be coming out in short order, in Michigan,” she continued, citing the over 100 signed affidavits from election workers coming forward to allege being witness to election fraud.

Regarding the pending litigation, McEnany later said, “You know, I think at this point it probably will make its way up to the Supreme Court.”

“Right now we’re at the district court level. And we will see how they rule in Pennsylvania and on our upcoming lawsuits here in Michigan and elsewhere. And I think it’s really anyone’s guess where this goes,” she added.

Asking for transparency

McEnany emphasized that the only thing the Trump campaign is asking for by virtue of the lawsuits is access and transparency with regard to the process for ballot counting and verification.

“It’s a tenet of the Republican Party to support voter identification because to not support it welcomes fraud,” she said. “It’s a basic principle and it’s one that I don’t believe should be censored by the media but allowed to be said.”

The press secretary continued, “We believe asking for transparency should be a good thing and it’s amazing what the Democrats — they tried to delegitimize the 2016 election for four years — all we’re asking for is transparency. And we have the media attacking us simply for asking to put light on the system.”

There is little to be done right now but wait as attorneys make their arguments before the district and circuit courts of appeal, but McEnany is likely correct that one or more of those cases will be appealed all the way up to the Supreme Court.

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