Senate Republicans work on ‘putting more judges on benches’ amid impeachment charade

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is taking heat both from the media and from House Democrats over the impeachment impasse. That sentiment is not an issue in the Senate, though, where Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) says he wants McConnell to “stick to his guns.”

According to Breitbart, Scott said last week that while Democrats bicker over the terms of impeachment, the 53 current GOP senators are now planning on “putting more judges on benches throughout this country and working on what is a really good economy.”

Keep doing your job

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has decided to make the unprecedented move of holding onto the articles of impeachment, rather than sending them over to the Senate to start the trial.

It is widely believed that she is doing this to try to get some leverage with McConnell to force rules to be put in place that would benefit Democrats.

Mind you, Pelosi’s House just conducted what will undoubtedly be called the most biased impeachment hearing in the history of our country.

Regardless, she now wants McConnell to buckle — but he does not appear to be willing to give an inch. And this is just fine with the rest of his fellow Republicans senators.

“I hope that Mitch McConnell sticks to his guns, and she has no influence in the Senate,” Scott said of Pelosi.

He went on: “We should keep it that way.”

 Still working

The difference between the House and the Senate is that during this impeachment process, the Senate has continued to do its job. While the House has been approving legislation, the bulk of what they are sending to the Senate is partisan legislation that has no Republican support at all.

With Pelosi in charge, the Democrats have sent roughly 400 bills over to the Senate, but just over 100 of them have been put up for a vote. The rest of the bills were largely political theater for Democrats to claim the Senate is just sitting on its hands.

That is hardly the case, though; the Senate continues to confirm judicial appointments. As a matter of fact, Trump already has more appointments in his first three years than Barack Obama had during his entire tenure as president.

This, ultimately, will be one of Trump’s greatest legacies — and as long as Republicans keep “putting more judges on benches,” we can be sure that legacy will last far beyond 2020, no matter the outcome of that election.

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