McConnell opens door to ‘bipartisan’ gun control solution

In the wake of the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings as well as the most violent weekend this year in Chicago, Dems are pounding the gun control drum again.

President Donald Trump has promised he will “do something,” and now Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) stated he is open to a solution, but has ended the speculation that he would allow any constitutional infringement to happen. 

“Red Flag” Legislation

One of the possibilities that has been mentioned is “red-flag” legislation. This refers to laws that would prevent individuals with mental problems or certain disabilities from being able to have a weapon.

However, even this type of legislation has come under fire because the premise behind it is that you are eliminating a constitutional right based on what “might” happen.

There is an FBI study that showed a majority of mass shooters manifest some type of behavior at least six months prior to their act of violence that should serve as a warning sign. Another consideration, however, is the manner in which guns would be seized from people determined to be risks.

Just last year, Maryland police officers shot and killed a man when they went to his home to take away his gun due to the state’s red flag laws. The timing of this could not have been worse, since Trump stated he would be willing to consider such legislation.

When you take away a law-abiding citizen’s gun by threatening him or her with firearms, it definitely gives Second Amendment advocates cause for concern. When a death happens, you are pretty much making the case for them.

Bipartisan Effort

Even with all of those considerations and potential caveats, McConnell seems ready to do whatever Trump wants.

He stated, “Today, the president called on Congress to work in a bipartisan, bicameral way to address the recent mass murders which have shaken our nation. Senate Republicans are prepared to do our part.”

The NRA has also seemingly softened its stance on this, signaling agreement with Trump’s statement after the shooting. Right now, there is background check legislation that has already passed the House, and McConnell is being encouraged by Democrats to put in on the Senate floor for a vote.

Conservatives are watching all of this closely because their biggest fear is that Dems will put some type of poison pill in the legislation that will open the door for an all-out assault against the Second Amendment.

Even though these events are tragic and horrific, they still cannot be an excuse to introduce more government interference and take away the rights of law-abiding citizens in this country.

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