McConnell slams Biden, Democrats, for ‘absurd scare tactics’ against SCOTUS nominees

Even days before President Donald Trump’s expected announcement of a nominee to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Democrats were expressing near-unanimous opposition to the unnamed candidate.

When Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden got in on the act of preemptively attacking a prospective nominee, however, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) denounced the rhetoric in remarks from the Senate floor, as reported by Red State.

“Decade after decade”

McConnell’s statement came on Thursday and attempted to tie the current political battle to previous Democratic Party behavior.

The majority leader asserted that decades of reflexive opposition to any and every GOP-nominated Supreme Court pick has resulted in the present state of affairs on Capitol Hill.

According to the majority leader, the attacks have now become predictable “because year after year, decade after decade, the far-left playbook stays exactly the same.”

After listing several examples of hyperbolic claims by Democrats in years past, McConnell chided Democrats for using the “same unhinged attacks” and “absurd scare tactics” in opposing judicial nominees. Take a look:

“Start writing their Bingo cards now”

Near the end of his address, McConnell turned his attention to Biden’s recent allegation that women’s rights are on the line if Trump’s nominee is confirmed to the nation’s highest court. He asserted that “the American people could start writing their Bingo cards now” regarding the upcoming battle over Ginsburg’s replacement.

He went on: “In fact, former Vice President Biden has already cut to the front of the line,” he said. “Just yesterday he offered the following assessment, prior to learning who he was assessing. Quote: ‘Women’s rights as it relates to everything from medical health care is going to be gone.’ This is the vice president — former Vice President Biden yesterday.”

While acknowledging that it might be hard “deciphering what he’s trying to say,” McConnell concluded that it amounted to “more of the same old junk.”

The president has indicated that he would select a woman to fill Ginsburg’s seat and his announcement of a nominee is expected on Saturday. He met with Amy Coney Barrett, a circuit court judge believed to be a top contender, at the White House earlier this week.

No matter which candidate he picks, there is sure to be plenty of backlash Democrats. At the end of the day, however, McConnell appears to have the votes needed to confirm the nominee.

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