Update: Mitch McConnell recovering from surgery to repair fractured shoulder

The month-long August recess from Congress didn’t start off particularly well for Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, as he fell and fractured his left shoulder just days after returning to his home in Louisville, Kentucky.

McConnell is now recovering at home following successful surgery on August 16 to repair the damaged shoulder.

McConnell undergoes surgery

McConnell’s office released a statement confirming that the surgery was successful, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported.

“Senator McConnell had successful surgery yesterday in Louisville, Kentucky to repair a fracture in his shoulder,” David Popp, McConnell’s spokesman, said in the statement. “The surgery was performed without incident, and the Leader is grateful to the surgical team for their skill.”

McConnell injured his shoulder during his first weekend home during the August recess and had been initially treated and released by a local hospital in Louisville.

Nike blowout caused fall

According to Louisville’s WAVE, the accident occurred outside on the patio of McConnell’s home.

The senator fell after the sole of his Nike shoe became partially detached, creating a tripping hazard, according to a tweet sent out by McConnell’s “Team Mitch” 2020 re-election campaign team’s Twitter account on August 5.

Ironically, that was the exact same thing that happened to Duke University basketball star Zion Williamson during a crucial game against his school’s bitter in-state rival, the University of North Carolina, in February. Williamson suffered a knee injury when his disintegrating Nike shoe caused him to trip and fall on the court.

Former McConnell chief of staff Josh Holmes told WAVE, “The shoe [McConnell] was wearing, the sole had completely detached from the shoe and that’s what got caught on the step.”

“It was a Nike shoe, and we had all joked perhaps it had a self-destruct button, because just a month earlier he had been pretty critical of Nike for their decision to pull their Betsy Ross Flag sneakers,” Holmes added, referencing the recent controversy over Nike’s flag-embossed sneakers.

Presuming McConnell gets sufficient rest while recovering from his surgery, and avoids any additional footwear malfunctions, he should be ready to return to Washington D.C. once Congress returns to session.

In the meantime, the Senate leader is doing his best to continue serving as an effective leader from home over the past several weeks. He authored an op-ed for the New York Times on Thursday in defense of the Senate filibuster, which some 2020 Democratic presidential candidates would like to eliminate.

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