‘Let’s get on with it’: McConnell prepares for Barrett confirmation vote ‘no later than Monday’

While Senate Democrats have made it clear that they fervently oppose the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, a largely united GOP majority has reduced that opposition to little more than temper tantrums.

In a statement on Friday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) denounced those partisan delay tactics in no uncertain terms, as reported by Breitbart.

“Procedural harassment”

McConnell’s most recent remarks on the matter came as Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) launched a last-ditch effort to deploy any procedural tools at his party’s disposal.

Although these tactics have little to no real chance to derail Barrett’s confirmation, McConnell nonetheless warned against “expected procedural harassment” in the form of demands for roll calls from Democratic senators, according to The Hill.

The leader’s office informed lawmakers and reporters that they “should prepare for a long weekend” as a result.

Schumer did not disappoint, going on to insist upon a series of procedural votes and other ploys — such as forcing a rare “closed session” that lasted for about 20 minutes — in an attempt to delay the process, according to Roll Call.

Those attempts, however, only managed to delay McConnell’s task of filing cloture on the nomination until later in the same day, virtually guaranteeing all senators will be stuck in D.C. over the weekend ahead of a cloture and final confirmation vote set for early next week.

“Let’s do our jobs”

Fox News reported that McConnell had made it clear to Schumer and the rest of the Democrats that all of their delay tactics were merely prolonging the inevitable.

“Let’s get on with it,” he said in his remarks from the Senate floor. “Let’s do our jobs. We will give this nominee the vote she deserves no later than Monday.”

Turning his attention to the nominee at the center of the debate, McConnell said Barrett herself presents ample reason to press forward with a confirmation vote.

“Rarely have we ever had a nominee as extraordinary as the one we have before us right now,” he declared.

It remains to be seen what the result of next week’s vote will be, but McConnell stressed his party’s position in describing the prospective justice as someone with “the deep legal expertise, dispassionate judicial temperament and sheer intellectual horsepower that the American people deserve to have on their Supreme Court.”

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