Senate GOP prepared to go ‘nuclear’ to confirm Trump’s judicial nominees

The GOP may finally be growing a backbone.

Several senators have already stated that even though they would prefer to stay with the usual rules for confirming the president’s judicial nominees, they will join Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in supporting the “nuclear” option if they cannot get Democrats to stop being obstructionists.

The proposed change would reduce the number of hours spent debating certain judicial nominees and executive appointments. While McConnell hasn’t said when the Senate will take it up, team members say “say it will be taken up after lawmakers return to Washington next week,” the Hill reported.

The Nuclear Option

Since Trump took office, Democrats have refused to budge. They regularly vote on party lines, regardless of the nomination or legislation put in front of them.

They simply refuse to let Trump get any type of victory whatsoever. That is not how our government is supposed to work and Republicans have finally had about enough of it. Senator James Lankford (R-OK) said, “We cannot continue to let this current situation be the way we do business.”

Changes are Coming

As it stands now, an additional 30 hours of debate is allowed on nominees. The new proposal put forth by Sens. Lankford and Roy Blount (R-MO) would shorten that time to as few as two hours.

This would allow proceedings to move along more quickly and enable the Republican-dominated Senate to push through Trump’s judicial nominees.

If the Democrats were in the White House, there is little doubt among Republicans that Democrats would support this measure.

However, since there is a Republican in the White House, it is a sure bet not one Democrat will vote yes. Democrats are already posturing to challenge this move by the Republicans.

They are already upset about the blue slips being disregarded, so we can definitely expect them to try to put up some type of roadblock to prevent Trump from being able to fill all these judicial vacancies.

Chris Kang, who is chief counsel for the leftist group Demand Justice, has stated if Republicans move forward and use the nuclear option, the group would like to see Democrats “meet the moment.”

So, what we can expect is more obstruction on the part of the Democrats and a continued effort to stop this administration from trying to move the country forward.

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