McConnell gives Pelosi ultimatum on impeachment

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is tired of playing games with Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

According to Breitbart, McConnell warned Pelosi on Thursday that if the articles weren’t sent soon, the 53 GOP senators who constitute the Senate majority are prepared to turn their attention to other business while impeachment languishes in the House.

Done waiting

Nancy Pelosi has had the impeachment articles in hand since before Christmas, and she drew a considerable amount of criticism holding them hostage well into the new year.

Had Pelosi turned over the articles as soon as they were passed, we would already be several days into the impeachment trial.

Instead, McConnell said Thursday that he was ready to pull the impeachment from his agenda altogether. According to Breitbart, the majority leader stated:

So, look, there’s real business for the American people that the United States Senate needs to complete. If the speaker continues to refuse to take her own accusations to trial, the Senate will move forward next week with the business of our people. We will operate on the assumption that House Democrats are too embarrassed to ever move forward, and we will get back to the people’s business.

It seems as though McConnell’s refusal to budge has worked; as Pelosi told her Democrat colleagues in the House on Friday that she is planning to take a resolution to the floor to appoint managers and transmit the articles next week.

However, she still didn’t set a date for the actual transmission of the articles, so it remains to be seen how much longer the Senate will actually have to wait.

You had your chance…

Pelosi has been hoping to manipulate the Senate trial by delaying moving it forward. But her move has even been deemed as political theater within her own party.

Despite all the applause Pelosi was receiving from Democrats, she is now being accused of botching the landing on this — because there are several very significant consequences to the delaying of these articles.

Pelosi’s obstruction has now endangered the campaigns of presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

If the trial lasts the six-to-eight weeks it’s expected to, both of these candidates will be required to be in session six days each week, which will cut back their campaign schedule considerably and keep them both on the sidelines through the first four key primaries.

Additionally, Pelosi has fatally damaged her credibility, as she achieved none of her demands in regards to controlling the Senate trial, and only managed to draw the ire of legislators and voters on both sides of the aisle. What a mess.

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