Limbaugh shares revelation about McConnell’s reported financial ties to Chinese communist regime

During President Donald Trump’s time in office, it was fairly clear that Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) wasn’t a big fan of Trump or his agenda, and in the wake of the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol and subsequent impeachment effort against Trump, the mask of his tacit backing of the president has been fully dropped.

But in deciding to take on Trump now, McConnell has left himself open to counterattacks, particularly given his long tenure as a political elite in the corrupt D.C. swamp, which conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh addressed on his program Tuesday, Breitbart reported.

Business reliant on Chinese government

The impetus for Limbaugh’s decision to expose McConnell followed the Senate leader’s choice earlier that day to cast direct blame on Trump for the actions of his supporters, both real and alleged, during the incident at the Capitol.

Limbaugh presumed that to mean that the Republican political establishment would no longer even pretend to support Trump and his base, meaning it was now fair game to hit back at them. The radio host shared some information discovered by investigative journalist Peter Schweizer about McConnell, his wife Elaine Chao, and their financial connections to the communist Chinese regime.

The talk radio legend began by referencing a Breitbart report regarding Schweizer’s appearance Sunday night on Fox News with host Steve Hilton. In the segment, Schweizer described McConnell as a D.C. swamp creature that was financially linked to the Chinese government through a family-owned shipbuilding company based in, financed by, and operated from Chinese territory.

“So, the Chinese government could pull the plug tomorrow on this business,” Schweizer explained. “And the reason they’re doing business with them, let’s make it clear, is because Mitch McConnell is a very powerful figure in Washington, D.C. And the problem is, Steve, that his position on China has softened over the years the closer that this commercial relationship has become, and he’s a direct beneficiary of what this business does.”

Schweizer noted that the “strategy” of the Chinese regime was to “seek out political elites and give them commercial deals.” That means, in the case of McConnell and Chao, “They don’t want to anger the Chinese because they could destroy their families financially.”

“Wedded to the ChiComs”

Limbaugh pointed out that Schweizer has written a number of books detailing the pervasive corruption throughout Washington, D.C. and has yet to be proven wrong or forced to retract his assertions, including exposing the corrupt dealings of families like the Clintons and Bidens.

“So if you want to know why the establishment, the swamp, the deep state, if you want to know why they say that China Joe and Mitch McConnell will work well together, look no further than renowned investigator Peter Schweizer’s follow-the-money revelations about McConnell and his wife,” Limbaugh said.

“Again, Schweizer has not been wrong on any of his years and years of reporting … I suspect that he’s not wrong on this,” he continued, noting that no one had debunked the claims.

“According to Schweizer, this is the strategy of the Chinese government across the world. They seek out political elites, they give them commercial deals, and they end up being wedded to the ChiComs. They don’t want to anger the Chinese, the McConnells don’t, because they could destroy their families financially, like the Mafia,” he said.

Limbaugh joked about rumors that China had given McConnell orders to finally go after Trump but dismissed that as likely being unnecessary. “I don’t know how surprised I am that this has happened because I think all of the Washington establishment has made up their minds that they are all-in on destroying as much of Trump and his family as they can,” he said.

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