‘Quit the handwringing’: McConnell dismisses concerns about Trump election challenges

As Democratic Party officials and many mainstream media outlets fall in line with the assertion that Joe Biden was the winner of this year’s presidential race, some in the GOP have expressed concerns that some Republicans would also abandon President Donald Trump’s attempt to exhaust his legal options in certain contested states.

In a statement this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) attempted to allay such concerns by urging pundits and politicos to “quit the handwringing” while the electoral process continues to play out, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

“The various stages”

McConnell’s blunt rhetoric came during a press conference on Tuesday during which he and other GOP senators fielded related questions.

The majority leader continued to downplay fears surrounding Trump’s refusal to concede an election that was called for Biden on Saturday by many news services.

According to CNS News, he declined to take the bait from one reporter who asked why he continued to “indulge” the president in his ongoing challenges related to the election.

Instead, McConnell said his focus remains on completing the business remaining before the Senate during the remaining weeks of the current session.

McConnell also said he intends to “let the presidential election go through the various stages that it — that it goes through under the Constitution.”

“Every four years”

Ultimately, the Kentucky Republican asserted that the “cases will be decided” and the “Electoral College will meet and then we’ll have the Inauguration.”

Meanwhile, the majority leader committed to concentrating “on what we are trying to do here in the remainder of this Congress.”

A short time later, another reporter pressed him on whether he believes the General Services Administration should begin the transition toward a Biden administration, but McConnell again skirted the leading question in urging everyone to calm down.

“Yeah. I — I don’t think we’re going to have an interrupted transition to whoever is the next administration,” he reportedly replied. “I think we ought to quit all the handwringing and not act like this is extraordinary. We’re going to get through this period. And we’ll swear in the winner on January the 20th, 2021, just like we have every four years since 1793.”

McConnell is one of the numerous Republican leaders encouraging Trump to continue his election-related challenges, as Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) explained in a recent tweet: “The voters get to decide who the President is. This is a close race and Donald Trump will and should use every avenue at his disposal to make sure every legal vote is counted.”

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