‘The outcome was certified’: McConnell blasts Dems’ ‘shameless’ hypocrisy on contested Iowa House race

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her fellow Democrats of trying to “overturn” the results of an election won by the GOP in the state of Iowa, The Hill reports.

In a speech on the Senate floor Thursday, the Kentucky Republican couldn’t help but comment on the “blatant” and “shameless” hypocrisy being exhibited by the very same Democrats who months earlier had fervently decried any and all questions about the integrity of November’s federal elections.

“Two months ago, every Democrat, cable news channel, and liberal newspaper was melting down over some Republicans’ efforts to dispute state-certified election results here in Congress,” McConnell said, according to a transcript provided by his office. “But right now, as we speak, Speaker Pelosi and Washington Democrats are literally trying to overturn a state-certified election result here in Congress.”

Swift turnabout for Dems

McConnell went on to say Thursday that the voters have spoken.

“Their votes were counted. Then recounted. The outcome was certified. There was the opportunity to present complaints in court, but the defeated Democrat passed it up,” the GOP senator explained. “The process played out in the way that every liberal in America spent November, December, and January insisting was beyond question.

“But there’s a catch,” McConnell added. “This time, the Republican won and the Democrat lost. So Speaker Pelosi and Washington Democrats have set out trying to overturn the result from here in Congress,” he said. Watch below:

“Hypocrisy this blatant”

According to the Washington Examiner, McConnell was referring in his remarks to the recent election of U.S. Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R), who won in Iowa’s 2nd District in November by a razor-thin margin of just six votes.

As the GOP leader alluded, the results of that race have been counted, recounted, and certified by election officials in the Hawkeye State. Despite this, Democrats including Miller-Meeks’ challenger, Rita Hart, are continuing to suggest that the result could be overturned upon review by the Pelosi-led House.

McConnell, for his part, isn’t having it.

“Congresswoman Miller-Meeks has been sworn in. She’s here. She’s working,” the senator argued Thursday, according to the transcript. “But Democratic leadership is trying to use brute political power to kick her out and replace this congresswoman with the Democrat whom she defeated.”

McConnell said it’s not often that you “see hypocrisy this blatant, this shameless, so quickly.” But “naturally, now that Democrats stand to benefit, the concept of Washington, D.C. overturning a certified election has gone from a massive outrage to a minor afterthought for much of the national media,” he lamented.

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