McConnell makes the case for Trump’s acquittal on Senate floor

On Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) took to the Senate floor before House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) snagged all the headlines.

While speaking, McConnell warned the Senate not to fall into the same trap as the House, and all but demanded an acquittal of President Donald Trump as soon as the impeachment trial begins, The Hill reported.

The somber event

One cannot help but laugh at the way the Democrats have conducted themselves over the last week. Regardless of party affiliation, nobody should be celebrating the impeachment of a president.

Rather than simply signing the documents and sending them on their way, Pelosi held a massive press conference to document her moment in history.

She sat there, smiling for all the world to see, as she signed her name. Pelosi’s decision to distribute commemorative impeachment pens to the House managers also drew criticism from all sides, Fox News noted.

When Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) got her souvenir pen from the impeachment, she held it high as though she had just gotten herself a marathon participation medal.

A dangerous precedent

The House has weaponized impeachment based on what amounts to a policy argument, which could have easily been remedied with a censure at most.

Instead, they are still fighting the election results from 2016, making a mockery of one of the most stringent disciplinary measures our Constitution offers for an elected official.

To that point, McConnell stated: “Speaker Pelosi and the House have taken our nation down a dangerous road.”

He went on: “If the Senate blesses this unprecedented and dangerous House process by agreeing that an incomplete case and subjective basis are enough to impeach a president, we will almost guarantee the impeachment of every future president.”

The Dems are all now crying for a fair Senate trial, yet they have already proven they are profoundly biased on this front. The House impeachment inquiry was anything but fair, given that witness testimony was heard behind closed doors and the entire GOP contingent of the House was effectively blocked from participation.

As McConnell pointed out, the House conducted “the kind of anti-democratic recall measure that the founding fathers explicitly, explicitly did not want” — and he warned the Senate to avoid following their lead.

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