Paul McCartney opens up about death of wife Linda

Beatles legend Paul McCartney lost the true love of his life more than 20 years ago.

During a recent interview, McCartney revealed he cried almost daily for a year after her death.

Life After the Beatles

Linda Eastman changed Paul McCartney forever. Few, if any, would debate that fact.

The Beatles would break up only a year after the two had wed, and she would play a formidable role in the future of the legendary rock star.

Not long after the Beatles broke up, McCartney and his wife formed a new group called the Wings.

While the first efforts of the band were not received very well, the third album, “Band on the Run,” which was released in 1973, put the group on the map for good. For more than a decade, the two played side-by-side in The Wings.

Sadly, Linda was diagnosed with cancer in the mid-90s and finally succumbed to the disease in 1998 at the young age of 56.

The Only Thing to Do

Paul McCartney was crushed when Linda died and has never tried to hide that fact.

He stated, “I think I cried for about a year on and off. You expect to see them walk in, this person you love, because you are so used to them. I cried a lot. It was almost embarrassing except it seemed the only thing to do.”

The feelings that came out of McCartney at that time probably hit him so hard because it was not the first woman he loved that he lost to that horrible disease. Paul’s mother was also taken by cancer. She passed away in 1959 from breast cancer at only 47 years old.

While Linda may be gone, her legacy will no doubt live on forever. In addition to being a bandmate of Paul’s, she was also an accomplished photographer.

Her work is actually on display now at the Kelgrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow and will remain so through January of next year.

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