McCarthy says House can reconsider Pelosi-led ‘impeachments’ of Trump

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Part of the Democrats’ Deep State war against President Donald Trump was during his 2016 election when they worked with Russian sources to create allegations that his campaign was colluding with … Russians!

Then, as part of a reactionary leftist’s offended feelings about Trump’s telephone call with the then-Ukrainian president, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched an impeach-and-remove campaign against him.

It failed.

Then, without hearing any evidence or witnesses, Pelosi orchestrated a second impeachment vote over the events of Jan. 6, 2021, when rioters vandalized the Capitol.

It, too, failed.

Her partisan committee investigating those events focused on whatever could be found to blame on Trump, and the members issued a report that they wanted Trump charged.

They never even looked at the culpability of Pelosi, whose responsibilities on Jan. 6 included the security of the Capitol. Specifically of concern was her refusal of Trump’s offer of additional troops.

Many observers say that the committee’s work, partisan because Pelosi refused the minority GOP’s nominees to take part, essentially was Pelosi’s third impeachment attempt.

While her schemes failed to remove Trump from office, Pelosi was on camera boasting that he’d been “impeached forever.”

Maybe not.

The Washington Examiner reports House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., has confirmed he will consider holding a vote to expunge one or both of those previous votes.

“When you watch what he went through, I would understand why members would want to bring that forward. Our first priority is to get our economy back on track, secure our borders, make our streets safe again, give parents the opportunity to have a say in their education, and actually hold the government accountable. But I understand why individuals want to do it, and we’d look at it,” he said.

The Examiner said the first impeachment vote was over allegations of a quid pro quo when he was speaking with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy about an investigation into the Biden family’s business operations in the country.

In fact, at the time, a Ukrainian gas company was paying Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, tens of thousands of dollars a month for being on its board. Critics charge that the payments largely were for access to Biden.

Anyway, the company was under investigation for corruption, and Biden, as vice president, threatened Ukraine with the loss of American help if they didn’t fire the prosecutor. They did, and he returned home to boast about his interference.

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