McCarthy offers ALL news outlets access to Capitol security video

March 8, 2023
World Net Daily

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who already has arranged for Fox News' Tucker Carlson's crew to have access to January 6, 2021, security tapes from the U.S. Capitol, says he'll arrange for others to see the same video.

report from the Post Millennial explained that McCarthy on Wednesday defended his decision to allow access to the 40,000-plus hours of video.

Already, multiple clips that have emerged have documented that Democrats who controlled that access for more than two years, and media outlets, were less than truthful about those events.

In fact, lawyers for defendants in cases stemming from the events that day are seeking delays in their cases so they can review the newly accessed "evidence" that could help their clients.

McCarthy said he wants transparency on the questions about that day, and, the report said, "he'd gladly hand the clips over to any network willing to air them in an honest fashion."

"Because of the footage that you gave Tucker Carlson, last night he went on and said it was 'mostly peaceful' chaos ... not an insurrection," a reporter with a clear pro-Democrat and anti-Fox bias told McCarthy. "Do you regret giving him that footage so he can whitewash the events of that day?"

McCarthy said no.

"I said at the very beginning, transparency, and so what I want to produce for everybody is exactly what I said, that people could actually look at it and see what's gone on that day."

He said the goal is for people to see what happened, and "draw their own conclusions," the report said.

Following the footage that aired earlier this week, President Trump demanded that all the January 6 detainees be released.

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