National Review’s McCarthy suspects DOJ will charge Project Veritas in conspiracy to steal Ashley Biden diary

It was announced on Thursday that two individuals had pleaded guilty to a federal charge regarding a conspiracy to steal, transport across state lines, and sell for profit a personal diary and other items that belonged to Ashley Biden, the daughter of President Joe Biden, before the 2020 election.

According to National Review‘s Andrew McCarthy, however, those two individuals are likely just stepping stones toward the Justice Department’s real target — the organization that allegedly purchased the purportedly stolen diary, conservative media watchdog group Project Veritas.

That organization is alleged in federal charging documents, albeit not by name and not charged itself, to have paid a total of $40,000 to the two individuals and assisted in the interstate transportation of items that it likely knew or suspected were stolen personal property.

Guilty pleas over theft of Biden diary

A DOJ news release on Thursday announced that the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York had accepted guilty pleas from two Florida residents, Aimee Harris and Robert Kurlander, to one count each of “conspiracy to commit interstate transportation of stolen property,” a crime that carries a maximum sentence of five years in federal prison.

The release also noted that as part of the plea agreement, both defendants agreed to forfeit the $20,000 each had earned through the illicit sale of the diary, and further, that Kurlander had agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors.

That is a key point in McCarthy’s view, as he wrote, “The Justice Department does not agree to give guilty pleas with cooperation arrangements to clearly culpable offenders, such as Harris and Kurlander, unless prosecutors believe there are more attractive targets worth making a case against.”

Those “more attractive targets,” in McCarthy’s estimation, would likely be Project Veritas and its founder and chief executive James O’Keefe, who have “made themselves some powerful enemies over the years” with undercover journalist videos that expose left-leaning media outlets, organizations, and politicians.

The conspiracy to sell stolen property

The charging document filed in court against Harris and Kurlander would seem to support McCarthy’s theory about Project Veritas, as the “Organization” repeatedly referenced but not charged in the filing was clearly an active participant in the conspiracy that the two named defendants pleaded guilty to.

Harris is described in the document as finding personal items that belonged to the unnamed “victim” — Ashley Biden — in a Delray Beach, Florida home where she temporarily resided in Aug. 2020, and then contacted Kurlander to help her sell the items, specifically the private diary, for a profit.

The document further described a failed attempt to sell the diary to then-President Donald Trump’s campaign, but after the campaign rejected that effort, the pair turned to Project Veritas, which expressed interest, covered expenses for trips back-and-forth from Florida to New York, and ultimately purchased the diary and other items for a grand total of $40,000 split between the pair of defendants.

Implicated but not charged … yet

Project Veritas is thus clearly implicated in the interstate transportation of stolen property, and though it never published the diary — a separate website, which ostensibly received a copy of the diary from a “disgruntled” Project Veritas employee, eventually did so — and arranged for the stolen items to be returned to Biden through local law enforcement, could potentially face criminal charges for its role in furthering the conspiracy.

To be sure, McCarthy expressed some skepticism in his National Review piece about the actual level of culpability for Project Veritas and O’Keefe in this matter, but given some of the wording in the charging document, as well as the fact that the FBI at one point raided O’Keefe and others with his organization — then leaked what was seized to media allies — it seems fairly clear that, guilty or not, Biden’s DOJ has likely placed a target on Project Veritas and is merely waiting for the right time to fire off a legal salvo of criminal charges intended to silence and destroy the organization.

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