McCarthy claims removing Santos from Congress was a mistake

 December 17, 2023

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) stated that expelling former Rep. George Santos (R-NY) from the House was a mistake.

McCarthy made the comments as he also plans his early retirement from Congress after losing his role as House Speaker earlier in the year.

The comments

“'I would have leaned to some other punishment for him,' said McCarthy, who was out of town during the Dec. 1 Santos expulsion and did not cast a vote," according to the New York Post.

"The disgraced Long Island pol should have been able to 'have his day in court' before the House of Representatives took action," McCarthy added.

Concerns about Gaetz

"Meanwhile, McCarthy said that he thinks Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz, who has been under a House Ethics Committee investigation, may have committed a more serious misfeasance than Santos," Just the News reported.

"Gaetz 'doesn’t want whatever’s in that ethics complaint to come forward,' McCarthy said about the Ethics Committee probe following the Justice Department's decision to not bring any charges against him in a sex-trafficking investigation," it continued.

Bowman too

"McCarthy suggested that a censure, similar to the one issued to Rep Jamaal Bowman for illegally pulling a fire alarm in the House, would have been more fitting," Meaww reported.

"During his farewell media tour, the former House Speaker shared that he received congratulatory calls and messages from world leaders and high-powered CEOs. However, he has not yet heard from his replacement, the current House Speaker Mike Johnson," it noted.

The issues involving Gaetz and Bowman have been points of controversy between the speaker and former speaker.

The ongoing questions in Gaetz could be a concern for the congressman as he runs for reelection next year, despite running in a strongly red Florida district.

The comments by the outgoing congressman and former speaker also continue to spark controversy as he wraps up his final days in Congress ahead of new plans that will likely continue in the private sector.

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