John McCain’s widow slammed after calling police on innocent woman

The widow of the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) made an error in judgment — and she’s now being shredded for it on social media.

When Cindy McCain saw a young baby with a mother of another ethnicity at the airport, she alerted authorities to a case of possible human trafficking.

But that was not the case, and now McCain is being made out to be a racist.

See Something, Say Something

McCain tried to defend her actions by saying she was sharing her mistake to further encourage people to speak up if they see something suspicious. Yes, she was wrong, but what if she had been right?

We can pretend illegal adoptions and child trafficking do not happen, but we all know they do.

Still, McCain’s detractors are blasting her for racial profiling.

That does not seem to the case, however. After all, the McCains adopted a young lady from Bangladesh many years ago.

In this case, Mrs. McCain said that something just didn’t seem right, so she decided to alert the authorities.

Fortunately, when police did investigate the report, they found nothing that pointed to any wrongdoing, and the woman and child were released. After the investigation, McCain sent out a tweet, stating:

I commend the police officers for their diligence. I apologize if anything else I have said on this matter distracts from “if you see something say something.”

The Alternative

Indeed, let not this instance take away from the importance of speaking up. Could the tragedies of Sept. 11, 2001 have been prevented if a flight instructor reported that a student had no desire to learn to land the plane, as was alleged of the terrorists?

Moreover, what about the recent mass shootings that have plagued our nation? Could someone speaking up have prevented them?

It’s hard to wonder “what if,” especially because these tragedies have been so jarring and heartbreaking for Americans. But how many stories have we heard in the past where someone interviewed by police said they felt like something was off, but they didn’t want to say anything at the time?

Indeed, it is far better to be wrong and apologize than it would be to allow human trafficking to take place. Yes, McCain was wrong in this instance, but the alternative of her being right and having said nothing is far worse.

We have due process for a reason.

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