Terminally ill John McCain urged to resign from the U.S. Senate

The calls for Senator John McCain to resign are finally being heard.

As his illness drags on and his death becomes imminent, The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is calling for McCain to step down now.

It’s Time

Senator McCain has been at odds with President Trump since the beginning of his presidential campaign.

Sadly, McCain is suffering from terminal brain cancer.

When he dies, the country will lose a man that was once a true hero.

However, he is also someone that has and continues to serve as an obstructionist to this administration.

The ONLY reason he is not giving up his seat is because of the fact he wants to continue to hold leverage over Trump.

The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC have said what everyone else is afraid to say.

The organization stated they want him to retire “instead of trying to hang on to his power and influence from his deathbed when it is clear he is no longer of sound mind and body.”

Not Fair to Citizens

While we can emphasize with McCain’s health situation, it simply is not fair to the people that elected him into office for him to not actually be representing them.

He has been home for months, neglecting his duties as a Senator.

More than any other time in history, the people of this country must have their voice present in Washington.

There isn’t a job in this country where someone could miss this much time and still be able to keep their job.

However, someone holding one of the most important jobs in country is being allowed to sit on the sidelines while citizens pay the price.

Not Alone

The PAC is not alone in saying this, either.

A recent Rasmussen Poll found that 62 percent of Republican voters want him to resign.

If he does resign, it should happen within the next week.

[show_poll poll_id=2064]

By doing that, McCain would enable voters to elect his replacement with the upcoming November elections.

Do the right thing Senator McCain, and step down NOW!

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