Meghan McCain torches fired White House aide who made fun of her father

Needless to say, Meghan McCain, the daughter of Arizona Senator John McCain, was more than just a bit happy Kelly Sadler had been fired.

After word of the White House aide’s dismissal made its rounds, Meghan sent Sadler two simple words… “Bye Felicia.”

The Reference

While some were puzzled by her use of the name Felicia, it is actually a reference to a line in a movie.

The 1995 movie “Friday” brought the phrase to fame when it was uttered by rapper and actor Ice Cube.

During the scene, a woman was hitting up Cube and Smokey (played by Chris Tucker).

After Smokey dismissed her, she looked at Cube’s character (Craig Jones) who quickly dismissed her, saying “Bye Felicia.”

Since that iconic scene, the term has been associated with dismissing someone in a rather cocky manner.

Still Waiting

While this is pure speculation, one of the reasons behind the firing may have been Sadler’s refusal to apologize publicly to McCain over the comments.

When the comments were first aired, Meghan McCain was rightfully upset, and demanded action be taken immediately.

Sadler reportedly called Meghan up to apologize to her personally, but McCain wanted her to do it publicly to make up for the publicity the comments garnered on social media as well as in the mainstream media.

At the time, the White House had said it handled the problem internally but did not divulge what had actually happened to Sadler.

Now, more than a month later, she has been dismissed.

It is reasonable to assume had she been a bit more repentant about her comments, she may have been able to save her job.

Now, she will have this sticking with her for the entirety of her professional career.

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What will now be interesting is if Sadler fires off some disparaging comments about the Trump administration after her firing.

The liberal media will no doubt be waiting on her doorstop to publicize anything and everything that comes out of her mouth… even it its not true.

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