Meghan McCain says she speaks with Joe Biden ‘all the time’

The daughter of Trump enemy John McCain revealed some rather startling information this week.

During a recent interview, Meghan McCain stated, “I talk to him [Joe Biden] all the time, and he checks in on me all the time.”

Shocking Relationship

To say conservatives were stunned at this revelation is an understatement.

Biden has been one of the bigger thorns in President Trump’s side since he won the election.

That being the case, it is rather surprising to find out an influential Republican is snuggling up close to creepy Uncle Joe.

Ties That Bind

In this case, though, it is understandable how this relationship developed.

As stated previously, John McCain is not exactly a supporter of Donald Trump.

In fact, when he was running for president, he often defended Democrat Barack Obama against conservative naysayers.

Before going out for cancer treatments, Biden and McCain has made several appearances together.

Biden even presented McCain with the Liberty Medal.

While those two formed a friendship rooted in hatred against Donald Trump, Biden has now formed a relationship due to common ground with Meghan McCain.

John McCain is suffering from glioblastoma, the same form of cancer that took Joe Biden’s son from him in 2015.

Meghan has no doubt found solace in Biden’s counsel on how to deal with the unavoidable loss of a close family member afflicted with this condition.

On this very subject, Biden stated, “There is no manual to consult when it comes to dealing with a seriously ill parent.”

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Somehow, Meghan has managed to hold it together throughout this ordeal, which is amazing.

If Biden’s counsel provides her with the solace she needs is behind that, can anyone really fault her?

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