Meghan McCain scolds Maxine Waters for inciting people against Trump staffers

The backlash from Maxine Waters’ comments encouraging violence against Trump officials is finally starting to trickle in.

The most recent source of criticism for Waters came from none other than Meghan McCain, who called Waters’ comments “extremely insane.”

Waters’ Comments

Rep. Maxine Waters caused quite a stir while appearing at a recent rally.

While discussing the recent attack against Trump’s DHS Secretary as well as his Press Secretary, Waters actually encouraged more harassment rather than less.

Waters even took it a step further suggesting they create a large crowd of people to give any Trump official they see a hard time.

One could argue Waters is actually publicly inciting a riot.

In fact, if large crowds do gather and violence is the end result, it would be hard for any attorney to worm his or her way out of the accusation said violence was done at the behest of Rep. Waters.

To McCain’s Point

One of the aspects that really does need to be addressed was something McCain herself hinted at in her comments.

In addition to Trump officials, there will more often than not be others present at these events and/or meals where Waters suggests harassing them.

What about their children, their friends, or spouse?

These people would be subject to the same harassment as the Trump officials.

To that point, Waters is suggesting harming people not even affiliated with the Trump administration and possibly even small children!

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Waters needs to be held accountable for her actions.

If her fellow members of Congress are unable to exact that justice, then our Attorney General needs to step up and take care of it himself.

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