Cindy McCain says Sen. John McCain is not resigning from the U.S. Senate

Republican Sen. John McCain is in the battle of his life and, sadly, the odds are not in his favor.

But his family has squashed rumors of his impending retirement from the Senate, saying that he will continue to fight.

Old Warrior.

Anyone who knows the history of the Arizona senator should not be surprised that he has decided to continue in the Senate and to keep fighting the cancer that is ravaging him.

This is a man, regardless of what you think of his politics, who suffered through life as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. An ordeal that would have broken most.

Sen. McCain’s plane was shot out of the sky in Vietnam and he ejected from the aircraft before it crashed.

In the act of ejecting from the seat he broke his right leg and both arms.

He was unconscious, landed in a lake, sank to the bottom, managed to kick his way to the surface with one leg and activated his life preserver with his teeth.

Then he was pulled to the shore by the enemy north Vietnamese. And that was only the beginning of his ordeal.

As NBC News reported.

“As his captors tore at his clothes in the wake of the crash, McCain recalls realizing the extent of his injuries. When he noticed the injuries to his right leg –- which he says had fractured at the knee –- one of his captors slammed a rifle butt into his right shoulder, shattering it, the account said. He was then bayoneted in the abdomen and foot.

“Over the next few days, he ‘lapsed from conscious to unconsciousness’ while the North Vietnamese interrogated him, he said. ‘I refused to give them anything except my name, rank, serial number and date of birth,’ McCain said in the U.S. News report. ‘I was in such a bad shape that when they hit me it would knock me unconscious,’ he said.”

Not Retiring.

It is because of that fighting spirit that Sen. McCain will not walk off into the night and retire from the Senate.

And as much of a pain as he can be to President Donald Trump at times, we should not want him to do so.

After retirement rumors started to come about on Twitter his wife, Cindy McCain, squashed them.

“Contrary to popular belief @SenJohnMcCain is doing fine and has no intention of resigning! #crackpots,” she wrote.

As conservatives many of us have had issues with votes the senator has made or things that he has said.

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But if anyone has earned the right to vote how he wants to and say what he wants to, it is the senator from Arizona.

Disagree with him all you want, and I often do, but he will go down in history as an important American.

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